Create a Sellout - Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – Vision, Goals & Objectives

Chapter 2 - Generating Leads and Prospects

Chapter 3 - Enter-to-Win Best Practices

Chapter 4 – Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Strategies

Chapter 5 – Media Relations Best Practices

Chapter 6 - Community Relations Ticket Sales Strategies

Chapter 7 - Website, email and Blog Best Practices

Chapter 8 - Ticket Sales Strategies and Best Practices

Chapter 9 - Communication and Collaboration

Chapter 10 - Keep Score: Accountability

Chapter 11 - Review and Evaluate

Chapter 12 - Strategies to Leverage a Sold out Event


Appendix A - Multiple Event Calendar

Appendix B - A Checklist for Group Ticket Sale

Appendix C- Anthem Auditions Application

Appendix D - Artwork Enter-to-Win Contest

Appendix E - Certificate of Achievement Form

Appendix F - Create A Sellout Planning Sheet

Appendix G - Early Bird Season Ticket Form

Appendix H - Group Ticket Deposit Form

Appendix I - Group Ticket Questionnaire

Appendix J - Group Ticket Sales Tracking Sheet

Appendix K - Internship Application Form

Appendix L - Sample Ticket Press Release

Appendix M - Season Ticket Holder Profile Form

Appendix N - Single Event Planner

Appendix O - Ticket Donation Request Form

Appendix P - Ticket Fundraising Program Form